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What would your customers think if they could see and hear you?


Even if you run a brick and mortar business that customers walk into every single day, there are countless other people who are going to stumble across you for the very first time on the web.  And if you run an online business, the only way that your customers will ever be able to see what you look like and hear what you sound like is in a corporate video.

With the right video scriptwriting service, you’ll never be that faceless entity on the other side of the keyboard or phone.  Video is a more personal form of communication, which means it will be easier for you to build trust with your target audience.



The best corporate marketing videos come in all kinds of shapes and sizes:

Maybe you want to put a video on your home page to welcome visitors to your website.


Maybe you want to put a video on your About Us page so that your customers can actually “meet” the members of your team.


Maybe you want to produce a video that shows exactly how to use your newest product.


Maybe you want to email a video out to your subscribers at the end of each year thanking them for their loyalty and support.


No matter what you want to create, Premier Content Source is different from every other video scriptwriting service out there.


Just because someone’s gifted at writing content doesn’t necessarily mean he knows how to write an effective video script.  Talking to your target audience in a video is completely different from writing to them on your home page, on your blog, or in your emails.

Here at Premier Content Source, we know exactly how a good video script needs to be written because everyone on our team has years of professional journalism experience.  We’ve written entire newscasts and feature shows.  We’ve also stood in front of the camera and explained complex stories to viewers, summed up the most important details during breaking news situations, and reacted smoothly to stories that changed on the spot.


But we’re not just talking heads.  We understand today’s video marketing landscape.


We call the internet a “lean in” medium — meaning that people are leaning forward in their chairs, eager to find something very specific.  They don’t want fluff.  They’ve got a problem that needs to be solved, and they want it solved right now.  That’s why a how-to video can be so much more effective than a flashy commercial.  You’re offering your viewers an instant solution, and they’ll remember you fondly for it.


How will we approach your video script?


First, we’ll ask for a brief explanation about the message you want to convey.


Then, we’ll ask how long you want your video to be.  If you don’t know what length seems right, feel free to ask our President, Nicole Beckett, for some input at


As soon as we’ve got your details, we’ll begin writing – but we won’t stop working when the writing is done.


In addition to a carefully crafted script, our video scriptwriting service comes with something that no one else offers.


Nicole will personally read through and time your video script several times before it goes out to you.  In addition to sending you the script itself, Nicole will also tell you exactly how long it is.  As a former news anchor, Nicole knows how to read a script at just the right speed.  If she says your script is 1:58 and you’re reading it in 1:48, you’re reading too quickly for your viewers to process all of the information.  Conversely, if it takes you 2:08, you’re reading so slowly that your viewers will likely get bored and stop watching altogether.


How much will it cost to take advantage of our expertise?


Unlike many other corporate video scriptwriting companies, we don’t believe in making you chase us down for basic details.  Our video scriptwriting service starts at $80, and you can see a full listing of our prices below.


If you want your video marketing strategy to succeed, why WOULDN’T you turn to the company that has marketing expertise AND years of on-camera writing and presentation experience?



What happens now?

If you know how long you want your video script to be, you can order it quickly and easily using the PayPal buttons below.  We’ve provided a box where you can give us your contact email.  Once we receive your payment notification from PayPal, Nicole will reach out (usually within one business day) to confirm all the details.

If you’d prefer to receive a PayPal invoice from us before you place an order, no problem!  Just let Nicole know, and she’ll be happy to send one to you.

Not sure exactly what you need to buy?

Don’t worry!  Nicole will be happy to answer your questions and provide some input before you place your order.  Feel free to reach out to her anytime at



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