Video Scriptwriting

Video Scriptwriting Services – Expertly Crafted by Pro Journalists


What would your customers think if they could see and hear you?


If you invest in the right video scriptwriting services, they’ll think great things!

If you run an online business, the only way that your customers will ever be able to see and hear you is in a digital video.  If you run a brick and mortar business, there will be countless potential customers who will “meet” you for the very first time online.

These days, you can’t afford to be a faceless entity on the other side of the keyboard. 


It’s estimated that American businesses will spend $12 billion to create digital videos in 2017 alone.  By 2020, digital video is expected to make up 75% of the world’s mobile web traffic.  Based on those whopping figures, the question isn’t, “Do you need a video marketing strategy?”  Instead, the question is, “Who are you going to trust with your video scriptwriting services?”


The answer?  The team of professional journalists at Premier Content Source.


Our video copywriting expertise is unmatched.  We’ve spent years in front of the camera, and we’ve spent years writing scripts to use on camera.  We’ve written entire hard-hitting newscasts and feel-good feature shows.  We’ve crafted teases that make viewers curious enough to stick around after the commercial break.  We’ve stood in front of the camera and explained complex stories, summed up the most important details during breaking news situations, and reacted smoothly to stories that changed on the spot.


But we’re not just talking heads.  We understand today’s video marketing landscape.


The internet is a “lean in” medium — meaning that people are leaning forward in their chairs, clicking their mouse, eager to find something very specific.  They don’t want fluff.  They’ve got a problem that needs to be solved, and they want it solved right now.


When you turn to our video copywriters, you can offer viewers an instant solution — and they’ll remember you fondly for it.


Our team can write professional scripts to meet any of your needs, including:


A video on your home page to welcome visitors to your website


A video on your About Us page so that your customers can actually “meet” the members of your team


A video that you email to your subscribers at the end of each year thanking them for their loyalty and support


A video ad that you can use on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter


A video that encourages people to invest in your next crowdfunding campaign



Other copywriters simply can’t give you this same level of expertise. 


Just because someone’s gifted at writing content doesn’t automatically mean he’s a pro at video copywriting.  Talking to your target audience in a video is completely different from writing to them on your home page, on your blog, or in your emails.


How will we approach your video script?


Unlike the other guys we don’t charge by the hour.  We base our prices on the length of your script with prices starting at $80.

If you don’t know long your video should be, our president Nicole Beckett will give you a free initial consultation either by phone or by email at where we can discuss your video marketing needs.


As soon as we’ve got your details, we’ll begin writing – but we won’t stop working when the writing is done.


In addition to an expertly crafted script, our Video Scriptwriting Service comes with something that no one else offers.


Nicole will personally time your script several times before it is emailed to you.  Then, in addition to sending you the script itself, Nicole will tell you exactly how long your script is.  As a former news anchor, Nicole knows how to read a script at just the right speed.  If she says your script is 1:58 and you’re reading it in 1:48, you’re reading too quickly for your viewers to process all of the information.  Conversely, if it takes you 2:08, you’re reading so slowly that your viewers will likely get bored and stop watching altogether.


If you want your video marketing strategy to succeed, why WOULDN’T you get your scripts from a team that has marketing expertise AND years of on-camera writing and presentation experience?



Questions?  Email Nicole at