Terms of Service

Custom/Unique Content

If the client’s custom content order needs any kind of special attention — either during the preparation or the writing processes — that is beyond the scope of what is considered customary, a rate of $45/hour will apply. Examples of this include (but are not limited to) special formatting requests made by the client and preparation of documents for the client before the writing has started.

If any hourly rates apply to the client’s custom content order, Premier Content Source will notify the client before any work begins.  All hourly rate charges are to be paid in full, upfront, via PayPal.


All HTML coding is the responsibility of the client.


Email newsletter services are restricted to writing only.  The client will be responsible for loading and sending out each email newsletter.


A client will not assume copyright ownership until such time that all services are paid in full. All statements are due and payable upon receipt.


Due to the extra time and research that is required, single content orders cannot be divided into multiple smaller pieces of content.  For example, clients cannot order a 701-1,000 word email newsletter and ask that it be split into 2 or 3 smaller newsletters.


Prices for sales copy and email newsletters are determined by the final word count of the client’s content.  If the client would like to add words to the content after placing the original order, the client is responsible for paying the difference in price.  Additional words will not be added until the order is paid in full.


Prices for video scripts are based on the timed length of the script.  If the client would like to add time to the video script after placing the original order, the client is responsible for paying the difference in price.  Additional time will not be added to a video script until the order is paid in full.


Prices for proofreading are determined by the word count of the client’s original document.  If the client adds words to the original document after placing the order, the client is responsible for paying the difference in price.  The content will not be proofread until the order is paid in full.


Refund Policy


Completed content is not refundable. Content which has been ordered, and where no work has been initiated on that content, is 100% refundable.


In the unlikely event that the customer is dissatisfied with the content, Premier Content Source will make appropriate edits to that content. Edits are not inclusive of substantial additional research or a substantial rewrite of the content.


Premier Content Source reserves the right to refuse any project. Assignments will be refused on the basis of requests deemed to be pornographic, hate speech, or any materials judged as unsuitable by Premier Content Source. Funds received for subsequently refused projects will be refunded.


Premier Content Source will do everything possible to complete all custom content projects in several business days. On larger orders where the content is being delivered in batches, we will do everything possible to send the first batch to the client within several business days.

While our professional journalists certainly understand the importance of deadlines, we are not a content mill, where the focus is on speed, instead of quality. Because our focus is on the highest-quality content – and putting in all of the time and effort that’s necessary to create it – we cannot guarantee that every order will be completed by an arbitrary due date or in accordance with any other time zone but Eastern Standard Time (EST).  As a result, orders that take longer than expected are not refundable.


General Disclaimer


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The products within the realm of this website are for information and instruction only. Your purchase and use of these materials should be based on professional business advice, sound judgment, and due diligence.


You agree that Premier Content Source, collectively and individually, is not responsible for the success or failure of your business decisions and practices.