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Details matter.


Think about the last time you went out for a fancy dinner.  The chef didn’t just plop your meal on a plate and call it a day.  Instead, he gave careful consideration to the way he drizzled the sauce over your steak, arranged the steamed vegetables, and placed a small bit of parsley on top.  You were impressed with the meal from start to finish because all of the details were just right.



It’s no different for your content.



Whether you’re writing an ebook, updating your blog, sprucing up your product descriptions, or doing guest articles for another website, the details matter.  Run-on sentences, confusing “to” with “too”, and a bunch of missing commas will be all your readers remember.  Get those details wrong, and your readers will wonder what else you’ve gotten wrong.


The best way get all of those details right?  By investing in the Professional Proofreading Services here at Premier Content Source!


It’s actually been the subject of scientific studies — you’re much more likely to miss typos in your own work than your readers are.  That’s because you’re so focused on getting your message across that you simply don’t notice that you typed “hte” instead of “the”.

But when someone new looks at your content, they come in with a clean slate.  They haven’t been agonizing over which word to choose or which point to make first.  They haven’t slaved over the document for so long that they’re blind to small mistakes.


But that doesn’t mean you can rely on any ol’ proofreading service.


Whether you’re getting ready to self-publish your first book or you’re the CEO of a giant company, there’s no better choice than college-educated professional journalists to be your second pair of eyes.  After all, our written words are displayed to the world every single day.  Viewers and readers won’t stick around if our content looks sloppy and careless.


How does our Professional Proofreading Service work?


We’ll take your original document and analyze it for:

  Grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes

  Awkward sentences or phrases that damage the flow of your content

  Any other surface mistakes



How much does all of this cost?


Instead of having hourly or per-page rates that can be confusing, we base our proofreading prices on the word count of your original document.  We charge $0.04 per word, and unlike other proofreading agencies, we don’t have a minimum word count.  Whether your original content is 500 words or 500,000 words, we’ll give it the exact same attention to detail.  After all, mistakes in short content can be just as dangerous to your reputation!


Ready to get started?


Email your document in either Word or Text format to  After confirming your word count and answering any questions you may have, we’ll send you a PayPal invoice.  As soon as your payment is received, we’ll begin proofreading your document.  And because pro journalists are used to working quickly and efficiently, we can get most proofreading orders finished in just a few business days.


Don’t release your content into the world without making sure it’s absolutely perfect.  Take advantage of Premier Content Source’s Professional Proofreading Services so that your readers aren’t distracted and disgusted by sloppy mistakes.


Sorry, no academic writing or term papers accepted!


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