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Did you know that email marketing is the fastest-growing strategy when it comes to the return on your investment?


As of 2017, for every $100 a business spends on email marketing, they make, on average, a whopping $4,425!

If you’re looking for the best way to maximize your ROI while also building a relationship with your target audience, you need the right email marketing strategy.  Sure, social media connections are nice, but Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat all have visibility algorithms in place – meaning that only a small number of followers will actually see your posts!


Want to guarantee that your message gets in front of the people you want to see it?  Build your own email list.  Email is the only marketing channel that you can completely control.


However, that doesn’t mean you can type out any ol’ email and call it a day.  Instead, you have to think about why people sign up for email newsletters in the first place.


There are two reasons:

Because they’ve got a problem that needs to be solved, and they want the convenience of solutions being delivered right to their inbox.

Because they’ve had some kind of previous contact with you, and they were impressed enough to want to stay in touch.


But here’s the problem.


No one likes to be “sold to”, especially in their inbox.  If people have signed up for your email list – and, in the process, have allowed you into one of their most cherished places – it doesn’t mean that they want to be greeted with a never-ending slew of hard sales pitches.


You’ve got to base your email marketing strategy on your unique value.  Otherwise, people will unsubscribe from your list at lightning speed.


When you first created your business, you thought about the problems that your target audience has and how you could solve them.  To stand out from your competitors, you needed to figure out the unique value that you could bring to your customers.


Every time you get ready to send out a newsletter, ask yourself if it really represents your unique value.  That doesn’t mean that you can NEVER send out a hard sales pitch.  It simply means that you have to balance your hard selling with two things:

Softer sells

There are plenty of ways to sell something without sending an in-your-face email.  For example, if you’re an author, send your subscribers a couple of snippets from your new book’s reviews.  That way, your subscribers can see that your book is worth buying – without you having to type “Go buy my book!  I promise it’s great!”

Newsletters that don’t sell anything

Even short emails can provide lots of valuable information and insight.  Your subscribers will appreciate that you’ve taken time to share your expertise, and they’ll remember how helpful you are when it comes time to buy.


Here’s what you can count on when you turn to the email writers at Premier Content Source:

Newsletter content that aligns with your unique value


Newsletter content that builds trust and rapport with your subscribers


Subject lines that will stand out among the sea of other emails that have landed in your subscribers’ inboxes


Newsletter content that’s compelling enough to keep your subscribers reading all the way to the end


Carefully crafted calls to action that will encourage your subscribers to buy your newest product, visit your website, attend your webinar, sign up for your free trial, call you on the phone, share your information on their social media networks, etc.


What kind of email marketing campaigns can we help you create?


Anything you can dream up!

Whether you want an autoresponder series that you can set and forget, monthly newsletters that quickly touch base with your subscribers, or sales newsletters that you can send out whenever you launch a new product or run a temporary sale, we can handle the writing.

If you want to keep your company newsletters short and sweet, we can make sure that your emails send the right message quickly and efficiently.  Or, if you want us to craft longer email newsletters that focus on several different points, we’ll dive into each one without confusing or overwhelming your subscribers.


How much does it cost to turn your email writing duties over to Premier Content Source?


Unlike other email writing services, we don’t charge by the hour.  We also don’t force you to chase us down to figure out what our prices are.  Each of our email newsletters is priced on a per project basis – and you can see those prices below.  As a result, you’ll know exactly how much your next email newsletter will cost before any of the writing begins.


(Want an entire series of emails instead of just one?  Contact Nicole at for a price quote.)


When you’ve got our team of professional journalists doing the writing, it’s easy to harness the full power of email marketing!



What happens now?

If you know how long you want your email newsletter to be, you can order it quickly and easily using the PayPal buttons below.  Then, please send your name and email address to  Once we receive your payment notification from PayPal, Nicole will reach out (usually within one business day) to confirm all the details.

If you’d prefer to receive a PayPal invoice from us before you place an order, no problem!  Just let Nicole know, and she’ll be happy to send one to you.

Not sure exactly what you need to buy?

Don’t worry!  Nicole will be happy to answer your questions and provide some input before you place your order.  Feel free to reach out to her anytime at



Email Newsletters


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