Email Copywriting

Email Copywriting – The Right Writers Make All the Difference! 




Pay-per-click ads and social media connections are nice, but if you want the biggest bang for your buck, you need a team of email copywriting experts.




Email is the fastest-growing marketing strategy when it comes to the return on your investment. As of 2017, for every $100 a business spends on email marketing, it makes, on average, a whopping $4,425!



Work with Premier Content Source’s professional email copywriters, and you’ll be able to maximize your ROI while also building a better relationship with your subscribers.


Unfortunately, email marketing isn’t as simple as writing up a quick paragraph or two and clicking “Send”.  In order to have a successful strategy these days, you have to:

   Come up with a subject line that’s compelling enough to convince people to open YOUR email before the rest         of the avalanche that’s sitting in their inbox

   Send an email that’s engaging enough to keep your subscribers reading to the very end

   Carefully construct a call to action that makes them click on your link instead of clicking the “Delete” button


It’s challenging, but our team of email copywriters thrives on those challenges!


That’s because we’re not “just” copywriters.  Everyone on our team has professional journalism experience, which means that we’re used to creating engaging content.  We’ve crafted click-worthy headlines for our news stations’ websites.  We’ve written emails that were sent out as a “Daily News Brief” to our stations’ list of subscribers.  We’ve used the power of email to track down news sources who weren’t available by phone.


Bottom line — we know how to write emails that generate results.


Plus, we understand how much people cherish their inboxes.  They’re only going to give out their email address in two situations:

Because they’ve got a problem that needs to be solved, and they want the convenience of solutions being delivered right to their inbox

Because they’ve had some kind of previous contact with you, and they were impressed enough to want to stay in touch


That’s why we focus our email writing around your business’ unique value. 


When you first created your business, you thought about the problems that your target audience has and how you can solve them.  To stand out from your competitors, you figured out what makes your products and services unique.  When you work with our email copywriters, we’ll make sure that every single word aligns with that unique value.


What kinds of emails can we write for you?

Hard sells


If you’re going to send a hard sales pitch into someone’s inbox, it needs to be a great one!  Our email copywriting experts will creatively and concisely showcase the features and benefits of your new product or service.  Or, if you’re trying to upsell something, we can craft an email that makes the offer irresistible.


Softer sells


No matter who your customers are, they don’t want to be inundated with hard sales pitches every time they open their inbox!  Fortunately, our team knows how to sell without sending an in-your-face sales email.

For example, if you’re an author, we’ll write an email that includes a couple of snippets from your new book’s reviews.  That way, your subscribers can see that your book is worth buying – without us having to type, “Go buy this book!  I promise it’s really, really great!”


Newsletters that don’t sell anything


If you want to be known as a true expert in your industry, you’ve got to send some emails that are purely informational.  Our email newsletter writing service will break down the newest changes in your industry, offer tips that your subscribers can put to immediate use, and provide any other type of insight that you’d like to share with your list.

Your subscribers will appreciate that you’ve taken time to offer your expertise, and they’ll remember how helpful you are when it comes time to buy.


 Autoresponder series


Getting people to sign up for your email list is one thing.  Getting them to stay actively engaged is something else.

A great way to get people interested is to send them a sequence of automated emails right after they sign up.  Whether you want to send them a series of free digital gifts, feature a series of products, or offer them a series of daily tips, our email copywriters will give them a warm welcome to your subscriber list.



How much does it cost to turn your email writing duties over to Premier Content Source?


Unlike many other content writing services that specialize in email marketing, we don’t charge by the hour.  We also don’t force you to chase us down to figure out what our prices are.  Our email prices are based on word count, starting at $125.  As a result, you’ll know exactly how much your next email copywriting project will cost before any of the writing begins.

If you’re not exactly sure what you need our President Nicole Beckett will give you a free initial consultation either by phone or by email at where we can discuss your email copywriting needs.

(Want an entire series of emails instead of just one?  Contact Nicole at for a price quote.)


Your email marketing strategy is too important to leave to chance.  Let our professional journalists handle the writing, and you’ll end up with emails that your subscribers love to read!



One final tip — If you’re starting your email marketing strategy from scratch, we recommend signing up for an account with MailChimp.  It’s the service we turn to for our own company newsletters.


Questions?  Email Nicole at