What’s your story?


Every business has one.  Maybe you run a Mom and Pop business and build all of your products by hand.  Maybe you run a start-up that’s trying to stand out in a jam-packed industry.  Maybe you work for an established company that’s trying to expand.


No matter what your story is, our professional copywriting services will help you tell it.


Here at Premier Content Source, our expert copywriters create engaging sales pages that will encourage your target audience to choose YOU over the sea of competitors out there.  We’ve done it for 1,100+ clients, and we’ll generate the same results for you.


Forget the cheesy, hyped up, over-the-top sales copy you see floating around online.


When you turn to the professional copywriting services at Premier Content Source, you get carefully crafted content that highlights your business’ specific features and benefits.  We’ll tell your target audience WHAT you can do for them, HOW you stand out from the competition, and WHY you’re the best choice.


Our copywriters have a mixture of natural talent, proper training, and lengthy experience.  Pick a copywriting service that doesn’t possess that vital combination, and you’ll expose your business to all kinds of unnecessary risk. 


After all, this is your one chance to talk to your target audience.  Whether someone’s reading your home page, a description of your services, or a specific product page, you only have a few short seconds to grab their attention before they move on.

Do you want your sales copy to remind them of the stereotypical used car salesman who will say and do anything to weasel money out their pockets?  Or do you want them to see that you’re a hard-working company that has plenty of wonderful products, services, and expertise to offer?  Hire the wrong copywriting service, and you’ll do damage to your business, your brand, and your reputation that can never be undone.


Here at Premier Content Source, we have the experience to eliminate all of those scary risks.


We take your brand and your goals very seriously, so we would never give you sales copy that didn’t align with them.  As college-educated professionals with years of professional newsroom experience, we know exactly how to create content that’s compelling, informative, and presents the right message.


Got certain keywords you’d like to target?  No problem. 


We know exactly how to incorporate your keywords into your sales copy so that everything flows naturally.  You can rest easy knowing that your SEO efforts aren’t going to damage your message.


Above all else, we believe that trust is the foundation for any successful brand. 


Get your target audience to trust you, and they won’t hesitate to buy from you – both now and in the future.  Our professional copywriting services will establish that trust, and once you’ve got it, the sky’s the limit.


Ready to put Premier Content Source’s unmatched copywriting skills to work for you?


Unlike other copywriting agencies, our process will make things as easy as possible for you.  Instead of charging by the hour, we charge by the project, and all of our copywriting prices are listed below.  That means you’ll know exactly how much our copywriting services will cost before you hand over a single cent.

Want to ask some questions before you place your order?  Our President, Nicole Beckett, is more than happy to answer them.  Feel free to email her anytime at

Once you hire our copywriters, we’ll work as efficiently as possible without cutting corners.  Since everyone on our team has years of professional journalism experience, we’re used to working quickly and effectively.  In most cases, we can have your sales copy to you in a few business days.


And forget about holding our hands or babysitting us along the way.


Once we discuss your goals, needs, and expectations, we’ll take it from there.  If we have a question along the way, we’ll reach out.  Other than that, you can trust our professional copywriters to get the job done while you tend to all of your other responsibilities.


The sooner you turn to Premier Content Source’s copywriting services, the sooner you can share your story with the world.



What happens now?

If you know how long you want your sales copy to be, you can order it quickly and easily using the PayPal buttons below.  Then, please send your name and email address to  Once we receive your payment notification from PayPal, Nicole will reach out (usually within one business day) to confirm all the details.

If you’d prefer to receive a PayPal invoice from us before you place an order, no problem!  Just let Nicole know, and she’ll be happy to send one to you.

Not sure exactly what you need to buy?

Don’t worry!  Nicole will be happy to answer your questions and provide some input before you place your order.  Feel free to reach out to her anytime at





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